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Oh, you mean Delaware’s an actual state?  I thought it was a city in Ohio.  I’ll try to retrieve those documents I put in the mail yesterdayObjection your honor.  That’s an elephant, er…, I mean, that’s irrelevantPlaying the jury foreman in the Lawyers’ Performance Ensemble’s production of “12 Angry Men".1974 James Ford Rhodes High School Rams football team:  (from left) Fullback Joe Gigante; me, guard; Pastor Hal Santos, tackle; retired Air Force Lt. Col. John Jannazo, center.  “Outlined against a gray October sky, the four horsemen rode again…”  Grantland RiceWith attorney and real estate partner James E. Rook (left) and Craig Carlsen, a former mentee of mine and current attorney at Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur.  If Craig turned out well as a lawyer, I get the credit.  If not, blame his parents or Capital Law School.

I never met Abe, but I have friends who did!  Great president. Mediocre lawyerDebbie and ILos Angeles franchise attorney and former Ohio State roommate Phil Kramer.   I always type my emails slow to Phil because he doesn’t read very fast.Pastor Hal Santos (left), me and retired Lt. Col. John Jannazo discuss who had the most illegal procedure penalties during our playing days.  We lost five of our nine games during the 1974 season, but prefer to see the glass as being 44 percent full.Buddy Tim (my webmaster) and wife Kaye

Notes on the photos above: The middle photo at the top is very important to me as I achieved "Stardom" in

The 1991 Lawyers’ Performance Ensemble’s production of “12 Angry Men". 

In the bottom row is a photo (2nd from left) of Deb and I  at Jim's 25th high school reunion in 2000. 

Interesting fact: none of the 60 members of "Future Farmers of America" club at this

Cleveland city high school ever became farmers.  The last photo in the second row is one of

my favorites.  It is my webmaster Tim and his wife Kaye.  Their sites are at



Brushes With Celebrity


The three amigos: Tim Quinn, my friend and web master (left) and evangelist Ted DiBiase, formerly known as the “Million Dollar Man""Smile, Jim!"  "I am Ted!"I forced U.S. Senator George Voinovich to have this photo taken with me during the 1988 presidential campaign.  Folks say I committed a faux pas by asking vice presidential candidate Dan Quayle to take my camera and shoot the picture for us.


Notes on the two very important pictures below:

(Left Photo) I worked on Bush 41’s 1988 presidential campaign.  I wrote a draft for his inaugural speech:  “With malice toward none. With charity for all.  With firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right…”  The transition team, however, thought that plagiarizing the 1864 inaugural speech by Lincoln wasn’t the direction they wanted to go.  They paid for it in 1992 when they lost my vote and, not coincidentally, Ohio and the nation as well.


(Right Photo) Standing outside the Bush 41 limousine in the summer of 1988 at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.  It was the Bush-Quayle team’s first stop after the Republican Convention.  I’m looking smug here, knowing that I’m one of the few fans of author/gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson that has ever been granted secret service clearance.


I was THIS his car!!!!


Katrina Mission and Ministry


Deb and I with our daughters (from left) Miranda, Clarissa and Natasha.  In March of ’06 we went to Pass Christian, Mississippi to assist with Hurricane Katrina relief.  In the left front is fellow laborer, Cleatis (Chris Peck), while in back is Gulfport, MS resident Max SteganaOur living quarters – small but sturdily built by Amish workers – was called “Joyful”.  From the book of Nehemiah:  “The joy of the Lord is our strength”.Amidst the rubble I was taken by the irony of a home security sign that said: “This Home protected by Security Link”. 3-	Amidst the rubble I was taken by the irony of a home security sign that said: “This Home protected by Security Link”. Max’s full name is Max Schmelling Stegana because he was born on June 19, 1936, the day his namesake beat the immortal Joe Louis in the boxing ring.  Most of us are more aware of the famous re-match when Louis destroyed his German opponent in one round. I asked Max what would he have been named if he had been born the day Sea Biscuit defeated War Admiral.  We stayed at God’s Katrina Kitchen which was started by an Indiana Restaurant owner who felt the call to close down his restaurant immediately after Katrina and start cooking food right on closed I-10 in Mississippi just yards away from the Gulf of Mexico.  The kitchen grew to where it would feed 1,000 volunteer relief workers and local residents each day.Volunteers came from all over the United States.  Here, Cleatis (left) is from upstate New York and Karen, who ran the kitchen and went by the pseudonym “T-Rex”, came from Los Angeles, where she owns several IHOP franchises.Dennis Craft, an evangelist and master storyteller pictured here with a Leickly story.  Both are wearing their "Ghost in the Mansion Tour" T-shirts.  The Ghost is the Holy Spirit and the Mansion is us.

Evangelist Dennis Craft of Blue Collar Ministries on a 50-mile cross walk in Phoenix with his daughter Adara.  Dennis and Adara were "Gittin' 'er done for God!"The Lord Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.  A mural at Stewart United Methodist Church in Stewart, Ohio.The Appalachian Service team after finishing a roof - 06/06.Me and Clarissa @ the Oklahoma City Memorial 06/05.Me and 'Tash on Appalachian Service Project in Ky. 06/06.'Tash with friends at the work site.


Fun With Jim


“If we do not hang together we most assuredly will hang separately.”  Benjamin Franklin.  What this quote has to do with me goofing around on some monkey bars showing off my mid drift a la Brittany Spears, I’ll never know."Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you".  As an undergrad at Ohio State I challenged Victor the Wrestling Bear.  I think my unorthodox approach had him baffled.I’m No. 52 in the fourth row up for the Northeast Ohio Champion Schreck Industry Vikings during the early 80’s.  We played against semi-pro opponents Massillon Maulers and the Alliance Tri-city Titans as well as our normal sandlot schedule at Baldwin Wallace’s Finney Stadium.  High school buddies Tim Holzman, No. 22, now a lieutenant for the Cleveland Fire Department, and Brian Dorin, No. 62, now a Cleveland police officer, also played on the Schreck Vikings.Wrestling a human this time as a 1975 Wrestling Ram from Rhodes High School in Cleveland.  Comedian Drew Carey and Pastor Hal Santos were on that team.  Hal and I were in the upper weight divisions, while Drew was in the lower weight divisions.  Drew’s now a heavyweight comedian.  Hal, called a “Jesus Freak” in high school, is a heavyweight on God’s team.  Me? I’m just heavy.Pastor Hal Santos and I setting up as right tackle and guard during a visit to his home in O’Fallon, IL.  I always had to remind Hal the snap count and who he should block.  Since high school it’s been he that has been my guide.“Hey I can see a Hometown Buffet from here!”  With daughters Natasha (left) and Clarissa (right) on vacation in Tennessee.

Battle of the Century – Boxing Poster Pose, a la Ali v. Frazier, with older brother Richard, who lives with his wife Gretchen and kids Emily and George in Seattle.Terrorizing baby Miranda with lobsters (I’ll use anything at my disposal to terrorize my kids.)  Years later when I did it to younger sister Clarissa, she cried: “I don’t want to eat any bugs.”Scuba diving the wreck of the HMS Rhone which sank in 1867 off the island of St. John.Nothing does more for the inside of a man than the outside of a pickup truck and the love of a good woman. Hey!!  Who's that mascot in the middle?


Buckeye Corner


I'm the one that actually taught Robiskie the "toe drag" technique during a Turkey Bowl in years past.  Go Bucks!

Jim's dear friend Bob "Denver" Gelchion, a journalism graduate of Ohio State, and former roommate and journalism colleague of Jim, is greeted by the antics of pro-Michigan co-workers at his desk.  This occurred on the day before the 11/18/06 OSU vs. Michigan  -Big Ten Championship game.  After the Buckeyes won, it had to be enjoyable for Bob to toss the maize and blue decorations in the garbage much the same way Tressel, Troy and the Bucks tossed Michigan's undefeated season and immovable defense in the garbage can.  Lloyd Carr now spells his name with five L's.  Bob has, in recent years, vacationed with the Leickly's in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

For the record, below are Bob's comments on the office photos:

#1 -- My desk the Friday morning before the Michigan game.

#2 -- Co-workers Irene Silva, left, me and Diana Cervantes, right. Irene and Diana are sisters.

#3 -- Co-workers Richard Clark, left, me and Irene.

#4 -- Co-worker Bob Pettijohn. A Colorado and Duke fan, I've also got him rooting for the Buckeyes.

#5 -- Me at the entrance to our office.


 Photo on far right is of the winning touchdown catch taken by friend and future lawyer Dean Bring.


Family Moments



Miranda and finace` Ben.


With my late father, Edward A. Leickly, a marine in the Pacific during WWII and, later, my hero.Debbie (my current hero) and me.A much younger Miranda in Seattle at Uncle Ricky’s house.In costume doing The Andersonville Trial in Gallipolis, OH during a Civil War re-enactment.  Brother Frederick Leickly is a serious Civil War re-enactor in the Indianapolis area.Tash and Miranda watch over little sister, Clarissa, during a time long ago and a family room far away.“Hey don’t get my hair wet!”  Clarissa on the Maid of the Mist at Niagra Falls.

Notes on photos above: In the 4th photo from left is me in costume doing

The Andersonville Trial in Gallipolis, OH during a Civil War re-enactment.

Brother Frederick Leickly is a serious Civil War re-enactor in the Indianapolis area.

He will be called upon if Lee's army ever heads north into Pennsylvania again.

The family with grandma, Lenora Leickly, and my brother Uncle Dan Leickly.Clarissa supporting her own weight just as I expect her to support her parents in just a couple years.With grandpa and grandma, Ed and Lenora Leickly.In the Appalachian mountains.With Columbus Academy field hockey standout, Natasha.Three “bad” kids hang out together in the Badlands of South Dakota.

“Man, that’s one big canyon down thar.”  Miranda at the Grand Canyon in ‘94.Clarissa nabbed by man impersonating a secret service agent.With star field hockey player, Miranda.Fun at DisneyNot as much fun at DisneyOK, already, enough Disney and,  I know, what am I doing with all that ‘possum fat on my hair.

VacationVacationVacationWith Deb’s younger sister Diane (Aunt Di) and uncle Shawn and family from Vermont.With Uncle Dan out west.In Montana in ‘05

Cousin George & Emily - 07/06 w/Natasha and Clarissa.Clarissa & Natasha - 1st day of school 08/04.The girls with Richard and Gretchen - 07/06Cousin George with my Jr. Associate Theodore Leickly III aka teddy.

With the Indianapolis Leicklys -- see note below.With Natasha and grandma (Lenora Leickly) after a game in 9/05.A rose between two thorns -- see note below.

In the first photo in the bottom row is my brother Fred Leickly and his wife Linda with

my family after Miranda's '06 field hockey game against DePauw in Greencastle, IN. 

 Fred and Linda's daughter is Bethany King (married to Larry);

their sons are Brandon and Eric.  Fred is a pediatric allergist. 

In the bottom right photo, my buddy Phil Kramer (#45, just like Archie Griffin, only faster)

and I  invade Natasha's Homecoming 2005 dinner.  The intrusion turned out to be the

highlight of an otherwise ho-hum evening for Tash.



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