I am an attorney who has been practicing in the Central Ohio area since 1986.   We donít lead ( I always wanted to use this word) doppelganger lives.  At least we shouldnít lead doppelganger lives (there, Iíve used it again).  Our professional lives and personal lives should reflect our true core values and beliefs. 


Who I am at church or in the courtroom or in a real estate closing should be consistent and no different than who I am at an Ohio State football game or a daughterís field hockey game.  (Although I do tend to eat more at a football game than I do in a courtroom.)  Occasionally, I carry this to the extreme as my wife, Debbie, or any of my three daughters (Miranda, Natasha and Clarissa) could tell you after living through some of my kitchen table cross examinations (ďMay the court please instruct the witness to answer the question about why the dog wasnít taken out this morning?Ē  or ďSo youíre trying to get this jury to believe that you put the brown mustard in the shopping cart, but that it somehow metamorphosed into yellow salad mustard by the time it got to our refrigerator?Ē).



My patient, forbearing family and I live in Gahanna, Ohio a suburb of Columbus.  I graduated from Ohio State in 1979 and became a journalist.  Deb and I married in 1984.  In 1986, I graduated with honors from the Ohio State School of Law (now known as the Moritz School of Law).  Since 1986 I have been a litigator in the area of civil law.  Although as a civil litigator Iíve handled a wide variety of matters, Iíve primarily litigated in the commercial arena, handling virtually any kind of dispute originating out of contract.  This includes employment disputes, which includes disputes over covenants not to compete and trade secrets.  It also includes real estate disputes, including buyer-seller disputes, construction disputes and tenant-landlord issues.  It also includes disputes between partners, shareholders and members of the same business.  Believe it or not, a large chunk of my practice has dealt with arguments over the inner workings and dealings of folks who are in business together.



Along with litigating the validity, meaning and enforceability of contracts of all kinds, my practice has evolved into a general business practice where I actually form, review and negotiate contracts.  I have been involved in the negotiations and sales of businesses, real estate and miscellaneous items from airplanes to laboratories to intellectual property. 


Iíve also been an owner of rental real estate since 1991 and understand what it is to work with partners and run a business other than a law practice.  I have been, in the past, a National Football League Players Association-certified contract advisor and, as such, can bore anyone with the details of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement and salary cap.


As a lawyer and one whose given his life to Jesus Christ Ė yes, one can do both Ė Iíve been asked and do serve on the boards of two evangelical ministries:  Blue Collar Ministries, led by Dennis Craft and Heart of David Ministries, led by former professional wrestler Ted DiBiase. (See Photo -->)


Debbie has worked since 2001 as a teacher at the non-profit Early Learning Center at our church, Stonybrook United Methodist Church.  Miranda became Miranda Bring on 7-12-08, upon marrying Ben Bring.  Ben is in med school at Virginia Tech, while Miranda received her master's in education from nearby Radford University.  They live in Blacksburg, VA.  Natasha was a starting field hockey player for and is a graduate of the University of Louisville.  Clarissa plays field hockey for Ohio University.


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