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Miranda's 2006 12-0 conference champion Wooster Fighting Scots.  Miranda is #12.Field Hockey Star Miranda at work.Against Oberlin -- showing off those 18 inch pythons honed from years of training.Great Season, Great Rewards. A senior day '06 hug from coach Brenda Meese.Protecting the Wooster goal.  Down near the goal the action gets more intense, more real.

First the defender turns back the offense, then she starts the attack for her team.Miranda clearing the ball out to the side.Miranda on the cover of the program.  Sports Illustrated wanted her on it's cover, but ole #12 declined -- the SI jinx you know.The Scotts vs. Denisen in '06.In Pursuit vs. Denison.

The Fighting Scotts charge out of the cage to defend a corner shot in '06."Anticipation" with defenders and goalie in '06."No! Not her; guard HER!" Miranda directs the defense in '06.Battling against Centre College.  (see note below)After Miranda's commencement - Miranda, Deb, Me, Grandma and Uncle Dan - 05/14/07.

Notes - Battling Centre College (bottom 2nd from right): There was no way

that Wooster wanted to lose to a college that doesn't even know how to spell "Center".

Bottom Right -The day before Miranda's commencement at the College of Wooster,

she was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.  She went from being a PBJ (peanut butter

and jelly) to a PBK then back again to a PBJ. 




Natasha in an '06 scrimmage.Natasha during the '05 season.Tash moving the ball upfield against Columbus School for Girls ("CSG") in '05."EX...CUSE... Me" (Against UA in '06).  Teammate and buddy Alix Korda in the background."Hustle is the greatest talent" -- Bill Russell, NBA hall of famer.  This games was against UA in '06.  #6 is teammate Paulina Canini.

 Tash against CSG in '06.At the US Olympic training site in Virginia Beach - 07/06On the defensive at Virginia Beach 07/06California Competition '06.  (See note below)

"Everyday on the African plain, the gazelle wakes up knowing that if he is not faster than the fast lion, he will be eaten. 

The lion wakes up knowing that if he is not faster than the slowest gazelle, he will starve." 


 Bottom Row, First Two from Left   - 'Tash at the National Futures Championships in Virginia Beach in 6/07. 

She was selected from this tournament to compete at the Junior Olympics in Knoxville, Tennessee in August


Bottom Row 2nd from Right - 11/06 California Competition, Columbus Academy teammates

l. to r. Ali Dillon, Kelsi Ratcliff, 'Tash, and Lane Averill

Bottom Row Right: 'Tash (with beard) in Fiddler On The Roof Promo




Clarissa on the attack in soccer in the autumn '05 season.  Clarissa - #1, 7th grade field hockey 2006.Battling near the opponents goal.In field action 2006.#1 in the program, #1 in our hearts, #3 when it comes to chores....

Clarissa as catcher against Pickerington in '06.At bat in '06Catcher - National Softball Training Center Oklahoma City '05Catching - Oklahoma City 2005"I love my catcher!" Getting a hug from pitcher Brandis Fishel.

Gahanna Lions with their tourney trophies in '06.With softball teammates at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 08/06After a championship fastball tourney in 07/06.  (See note below)"Catcher's equipment -  the tools of ignorance" (See note below)

1st Photo: Clarissa hung up the soccer cleats after the '05 season and now  plays field hockey (autumn),

basketball (winter), lacrosse (spring) and fast pitch softball (summer). 

Luckily there are only 4 seasons in a year.

Bottom Row: Second from right, With Uncle Richard, Aunt Gretchen, Cousin Emily, Dan and Grandma.

Bottom Right, With Uncle Dan, Uncle Rich, and cousin Emily.



Fall '07 field hockey.  The eighth graders finished 12-0 and Clarissa had 10 goals during the year.

Bottom Row Last Photo:  Field hockey tournament in St. Louis 7/3/10


'Tash and Clarissa -- Teammates 08 Academy Vikings, State runners-up

Natasha during the '05 season.Tash battling for the ball during the '05 season.  She was #23 as a freshman in '05 and #13 as a sophomore in '06.Tash on a reverse stick in '05.Showing off her 14-inch pythons during this '06 game against Upper Arlington ("UA")Like a lawyer reaching for an argument, Tash reaches for this ball against UA in '06.

Tash on the artificial turf at Dublin in '06

Clarissa ("Sistuh C") and Tash were teammates for the state finalist Academy Vikings.  On the top row is C, a freshman,

who had 8 goals and 2 assists.  On the second row is Tash who had 14 goals and 12 assists.  Tash won all-Ohio honors and team MVP.
On the third row is the two of them together.  See the blog for more details.

Bottom  Row: Left: Deb, Jim, Natasha and Clarissa after the 10/14/08 Academy victory over Olentangy Orange.

Right: Tash sporting her Louisville jacket (a gift from big sister Miranda) and Clarissa (Sistuh C)




"In the clearing stands a boxer..." -- Paul Simon.  Jim does a George Plimpton while a journalism student at Ohio State in '78.Turkey Bowl '05.  (See note below)Snow Bowl '05 with TWO Jannazo families!

Middle photo - WHAT A TEAM!!! With Miranda's fiance` Ben Bring (front)

and Stonybrook UMC Youth Pastor Aaron Chivington.



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